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I want my Spa to double as a work space... What can I do?

An installation of the Dripool Autofloor is what's required. A solid finished movable floor that is discretely hidden underground next to the spa and magically appears to completely cover the spa for everyday use and foot traffic.

Let me explain...

For over twenty five years, the Dripool name has become synonymous with the manufacture and installation of quality swimming pool safety systems. Our in house team of design engineers have continually created market leading products including the Dripool, Driglide and Driglide Infinity automatic safety covers. Working closely alongside is our Special Projects team who handle all specialist requirements. The product requested more than any other is the Dripool Autofloor.

Indoor Solid Floor Pool CoverOutdoor Solid Floor Pool CoverOutdoor Solid Floor Pool CoverOutdoor Solid Floor Pool Cover

Designed specifically for the spa and hydrotherapy market, the AUTOFLOOR enables the best utilisation of space for both indoor and outdoor installations. The AUTOFLOOR finish is specifically chosen to match the surroundings ensuring perfect aesthetics when in place whilst enabling the spa or pool to be employed as useable floor space when not required, suitable for light foot traffic and wheelchair travel.

An intelligent hydraulic drive ensures smooth, trouble free operation at all times. The AUTOFLOOR is the perfect solution for any installation where space optimisation alongside water treatment and enjoyment are the requirement.

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