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Pool ownership and cover effectiveness

Many UK homeowners are now investing in swimming pools, either indoor or outdoor. Swimming is a great social activity enabling family and friends to have fun whilst getting some valuable exercise. But pool ownership comes with a few responsibilities.

Safety must be at the top of the swimming pool priority list. Deaths due to drowning in pools in the UK are, thankfully, very low but as more and more people purchase pools for their own, private use, these figures could easily rise. There are a number of steps that a pool owner can take to help make their pool safe and secure. One of these is the installation of an effective  automatic, swimming pool safety cover.

A correctly fitted, good quality safety cover will be able to take a weight of over 500kg on its surface. This will prevent a person or animal from becoming submerged if they should inadvertently fall onto the pool.

SAFE - a sealed pool is a safe pool and for added security, you have the key

Anyone with an outdoor pool will know that keeping the pool water clean and free from debris (particularly as Autumn approaches and during the winter months) can be a full time job. A good swimming pool cover will lessen the amount of debris that makes it into your pool meaning that you can spend less time cleaning and more time using your pool. It seems strange but many swimming pool owners overlook the need for a good swimming pool cover and then waste money, resources and energy having to continually re-heat, re-fill and clean their pools. A swimming pool cover is essential if you own a pool!

CLEAN – a sealed pool is a clean pool, ready at the touch of a button

Swimming pools in the UK need to be heated and the water will lose this heat energy to the air due to convection and evaporation. Outdoor pools suffer most, particularly in windy conditions. A single membrane safety cover can reduce heat loss by as much as 75%! Today there are swimming pool covers that not only retain heat in the pool water but contribute to the water heating by capturing the suns rays, heating the pool using solar energy.

WARM - a sealed pool is a warm pool as cover acts like a giant solar panel

Another factor to consider is the loss of water due to evaporation. In these days of water metering this is becoming increasingly important. Water loss due to evaporation means that pools need to be repeatedly refilled and more treatment chemicals will need to be added. Both of these factors will have an environmental impact. Choosing, fitting and using a good quality swimming pool safety cover will help minimise water loss due to evaporation, lessening the water and treatment chemical usage.

ECO FRIENDLY- a sealed pool is an energy saving, cost effective pool

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