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Herman the Turtle: Rainwater Removal Extraordinaire

Outdoor pool covers can collect enormous amounts of water when it rains. An inch of rain on a 10x5m cover weighs about 1 ton, so it must be removed before the cover is operated. In addition, if rain is allowed to collect on the cover you end up with a pool on top of your pool, which is clearly dangerous!

Many cover makers use mains pumps to remove this water which we believe to be highly irresponsible as it runs the

Herman Pump New Mark 3 Herman now available

risk of electrocution

Herman is a 12v SELV (safety extra low voltage) pump that is literally safe to swim with. He sits permanently on the cover's surface when the pool is not in use, and automatically removes any rainwater that collects.

Additional features of Herman MK3

    • 360° Stainless Steel Filtration System prevents any detritus from entering the pump housing.
    • Improved 12v electronic pump negates the need for a float to operate and eliminates air-locking.
    • Slate filled fiberglass base ensures longevity and prevents accidental damage to the cover.

Please note: Herman is only available to customers with a Dripool Automatic Safety Cover. For other Cover systems the Eco Pump is available.

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