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Dripool Cover of the Year award New swimming pool project on temporary hold due to slightly inclement weather!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the first Dripool World of 2010 and following the worst weather we've seen in many years, it’s interesting to note that we are still seeing a steady stream of enquiries. Obviously we Brits aren't put off by a little snow and are made of sterner stuff.

If you are reading this, it's likely that you are browsing the new website. We certainly hope it was worth all the effort and special thanks go to Julia at South Online who has been instrumental in getting things operational along with Paul and Nick in the Dripool offices.

Sales of the Eco Cover Pump have gone crazy for the last couple of months with the opportunity of buying a totally safe, rainwater removal device for less than £300 including VAT and P&P being taken up by many non Dripool customers.

On the Herman front, the new MK 3 Herman offer for existing Dripool customers, with the £100 trade in offer still in place, seems very popular with many of our clients upgrading.

Cover wise, we seem to be quoting for more existing pools as people tend to renovate and landscape rather than move, presumably due to the current financial climate.

Finally, we would like to wish all our customers a good a prosperous coming year.
All the very best,

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